chanel radburn

Chanel is one of our younger ambassadors and a very keen horseperson at just 13 years of age. Chanel loves doing jumping and games events. She is a current member of Bacchus Marsh Pony Club, the Bacchus Marsh Grammer Interschools Team, Sporting Horse Australia and is in the PCAV State Games team!


A little bit about Chanel...

Chanel has been riding horses since a little girl starting out at pony club at an age of 3 at Werribee. Moving to Bacchus Marsh when 5 joining Bacchus Marsh pony club. Her first pony was Jacko, a great little games pony, but a bit much for a tiny tot. Chanel currently has horses Shazam, Chilli, Cindy and Jet in work to keep up with all her differing competions. Chanel has competed in dressage comps, horse trials, showjumping, games, novelties and showing events where she has won reserve champions, champions and lots of ribbons.. Chanel competes in the inter school state championships, Barastock, PCAV state titles and Sporting Horse Australia.


Chanel also loves driving her grandfathers racehorses. He has taught Chanel to drive the pacemaker on her own and hopes one day to drive his race horses and take over his stables.

Chanel has lots of help from lots of people especially the instructors at pony club and all the older kids at the pony club, even instructors such as Amy Tubbs, Nina & Yona Lloyd and clinics with Amanda Ross and Meagan Jones.


We are thrilled to be able to share her journey with you as she works her way through the levels with a great sportsmanship attitude and dedication, with aspirations to represent Australia at the Olympics!