georgia romaszko

We are very proud & super excited to announce our 1st Ambassador Rider Georgia Romaszko!!!!

Georgia and her cheeky WBx Woody are an all rounder combination.

Together they event CIC* EA and are part of the HRCAV Warranooke Riding Club.



A little bit about Georgia...

Georgia started riding as a little girl, on her grandpas farm on their little shetland pony Harry. Lucky to have a mum who had grown up with horses and encouraged her hobby right from the beginning. As a child, Georgia naturally progressed onto bigger ponies, to a fiery little chestnut Red, to her lovely little Fleur, the bombproof grey, and finally her beautiful Arab Flash who taught her everything from how to hang on for dear life and essentially begin the love for eventing.

Georgia competed in any Pony Club and inter school discipline she could, from eventing, showing, dressage, show jumping, novelty teams,  even somehow falling into Endurance Riding for a number of years and was very successful, winning numerous rides and fittest horse around Victoria. 


Over the past 7 years, her current Woody has done everything from learn to jump, begin his competitive career & everything in between. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for this pair, there has been a few obstacles, numerous injuries to both horse and rider... However, they always come out the other side and contiune to consistantly improve.


Georgia was also lucky enough to join El Caballo Blanco on tour, riding in their shows in South Australia. Currently, Gerorgia is juggling being a new mum, working full time as a school teacher, riding, competing &  running the schools inter school equestrian team.


We are very excited to be able to share Georgias achievements with you.