Cka Designs create custom keepsake jewellery for you to treasure forever.


Custom beads, pendants, rings, bracelets, key rings and many more designs can be made especially for you; holding your loved ones hair or special inclusion within the design.  Hair from your partner, children or best friend, horse, dog, cat can be used. Even feathers and teeth can be included.



  *** Exclusive to Cka Designs ***


We are the original creators of such a bead in Australia, possibly the world. To offer this ultimate personal and unique custom bead for your jewellery collection is a must have.

We have three different bead shapes to choose from to hold your loved ones hair inside. Choose from the traditional round doughnut style, the rounded cube or the faceted style bead.

Our custom beads are specifically designed to fit snake link bracelets (eg. PandoraTM) and most other fine jewellery necklaces.











Cka Designs pieces are not only a great way to remember your loved one when they have passed, but they also give a feel of closeness to them if you are away for an extended amount of time (eg. an overseas trip).

Each piece of custom keepsake infused jewellery is specially created for you, hand crafted, finished and polished by hand. Cka Designs has envisaged, drawn up and prototyped all pieces avaliable to you. You wont find any of these designs in a retail shop and all our designs are cover by Australian copyright. 

The unique colours and how the hair sits within the jewellery piece  give you a true one-of-a-kind piece. All colours are custom mixed for your individual order. As with all orders, any remaining hair will be returned to you with your item/s. 


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