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How do I go about ordering?

Your order can be placed via email or via the messanger service on our Facebook page. Once contact has started I can get a feel of what you are wanting and the specifics of your order. You can post your hair or ashes sample to our secure post box and I will contact you when it has arrived. Once your item/s are finished I will contact you, with a picture of your finished item/s.



What are your prices?

Please refer to the prices page

Feel free to message me to discuss a personal design requirement that is not listed on the web site.



Postage Prices?

All our prices include return express postage within Australia.  For International postage, please contact us for further information.



How do I make payment for my items?

Payment can be made via direct deposit or Credit Card.  I do not require or ask for payment until I have recieved your sample of hair or have started on your order.  Once payment has cleared I will post your item/s and any remaining hair to you as soon as possible. I do not keep your hair sample on file.



How do I choose a colour for my item?

All colours are custom made, no pre-purchased dyes out of a bottle.  Although this can be a little overwhelming with an endless colour choice it also means we can create colours and colour match specific colours for you.  If you have a particular colour in mind, you can send through a picture and colour match it as close as we can.



Do I need to supply mane or tail hair from my horse?

For the horse hair bracelets please supply a minimum of 30cm in length of tail hair.  Mane hair doesn’t have the strength or durability of tail hair. If you only have mane hair and your horse is no longer with us we can discuss a design using the hair you have.  For all other embedded items, all hair types can be used. ( ie. mane, body hair etc.)



How long will my item last?

With the proper care your new piece of jewellery will last many many years. The strength of the individual hair comes from your horse. I will carefully sort through and count individual strands of the hair you supplied and chose the stronger healthier hairs. The hair itself is obviously waterproof but the adhesives and components used to finish the item can breakdown with prolonged exposure to water and harsh chemicals. Therefore I recommend that you don’t shower, wash dishes, wear gloves or swim with your keepsake jewellery. If you have chosen a piece with gold/silver plated or tibetan silver ends these may tarnish over time, depending on the amount of wear. The sterling silver and gold can be polished with a precious metal polishing cloth.



Can I have something made if I live overseas? 

Yes, some hair can be sent through by regular postage. Due to Australia’s customs restrictions some hair may not be able to pass through customs and into Australia.  Please contact us to discuss further.



How long will it take to receive my item?

This depends how many orders I have at the time of your enquiry, but usually items are posted back within 7-21 days of recieving the hair sample. During the Christmas period this may not be possible and can stretch out to 4 weeks depending on how many items your order has.  Please keep in mind that all items are handmade so it does take a little time to create them just for you.



Can I use hair from more than one animal or person?

Yes definitely . Using hair from more than one animal or person can create a very dramatic piece. Please band hair or place in a labeled zip lock bag to keep all hair separate.


Can I use ashes from an animal or person?

Yes definitely . Using ashes from an animal or person can create a very dramatic piece. One- two teaspoons of ashes is all we need to get create. Any remaining ashes will be set back with your newly created items.


Can I supply my own beads/charms/pendants?

Supplying your own beads or charms is recommended as this helps to create an individual piece that better reflects your personality. For beads/charms; Pandora or similar style beads are recommended as they have a large hole (5mm minimum) and this allows room for the braided hair of the bracelets to easily pass through the hole. Please supply with the hair so I can add during the construction of your piece. There is no charge for adding supplied beads, charms or pendants. Alternatnely, I can supply charms for you at cost prices.



What can I do if my item breaks?

in the unlikely event, please contact me to discuss the feasibility of repairs.

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