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Cka Deisngs
Cka Designs
Cka Designs

Cka Designs was born from the close bond and love that we share with our children, our pets, family and friends. People are often looking for a unique way of honouring and remembering the love and memories once shared. In particular, we have assisted parents enhance connections who have tragically lost their children. Our pieces often help find closeness to their family member or friend and can also help them cope with the grief surrounding such a tragic loss.


Owners who dearly love their pet and have a special connection often chose one of our items especially to remember them by.  On many occasions, owners are not able to afford or host traditional means such as burial, cremation, brass plaques etc.


One of our items can be the perfect solution as our aim is for high quality and lasting keepsake pieces that you can see and touch while being affordable for everybody.


Inspiration for Design 


What began as a small hobby for artist Catherine Smith, Cka Designs has quickly evolved into an entire line of delightfully varied jewellery with many of her pieces evoking an heirloom feel; every piece telling its own story.  Catherine found that combining her passions of animals and art she could create beautiful pieces of jewellery for anybody and everybody to cherish as a sentimental keepsake or a piece that can be worn every day.


Catherine, grew up in the wide open spaces in the Mallee Region of Victoria always surrounded by animals. She has been an Animal Technician/Vet Nurse since 1997 in Melbourne and Rural Victoria and holds a Diploma in Applied Science (Animal Technology).


Catherine is always envisioning new designs and her keen eye for colour, textures & durability influence each of her designs in a unique & personal way. Working out of her home studio she hand crafts each piece with high attention to detail & craftsmanship.


Catherine lives in Sunraysia with her three children, dogs & horses.




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